By: Alexandre Sagala

Software Advice has  posted an excellent article on The Importance of CRM Integration in Marketing Automation on their blog. They make valuable points in the article.

Topics covered:

  • The basics
  • The Technology
  • Taking Your Integration To The Next Level
  • 10 questions you should ask when evaluating a marketing automation platform

One thing I would add to the article is ensuring your CRM/Marketing Automation integration allows you to gather sales feedback on the leads you are assigning them. It is one thing to synchronize leads from your marketing automation software to your CRM but if you don’t have the possibility to get sales feedback on leads then it is not worth much. The CRM integration should allow sales rep to recycle leads or put leads back in nurturing tracks directly from the CRM. This allows leads that were judged “ready” or “hot” based on scoring to be passed back to marketing based on sales judgement. Nurturing and scoring is not a marketing only process. It should be a joint sales and marketing effort.

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